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Dawki Camping - Shnongpdeng Camping - Marvel's Camps & Treks

Dawki Camping – Shnongpdeng Camping – Marvel’s Camps & Treks


Dawki Camping – Shnongpdeng Camping – Marvelscamps.com:Marvel’s Camps & Treks is basically a campsite located at the banks of the Umngot river famous for its crystal clear waters. Our campground is by the riverside having a mesmerizing view of the Umngot river,Suspension bridge and the mountains. One can also enjoy the following activities at additional cost when staying with us:
Boating-Kayaking-Cliff jumping-Snorkeling and not to forget THE CAMPFIRE.
We look forward to host you.


Benefits & TIPS

Riverside camping Dawki Shnongpdeng Meghalaya &

Health benefits Of It

1. Your brain will love the green space:

Health benefits of Riverside camping in Dawki Shnongpdeng Meghalaya: Wondering why camping is good for you? One of the main benefits is exposure to green space and the natural world. Studies have constitute that humans are healthier and happier when they spend time in nature or have factories around them, whether it’s a view of a demesne from their office or a commute through trees every day. Scientists believe that our brainpower respond to natural views and exposure in age-old ways that favorably affect cerebral health. Spending time with nature, particularly if it’s over a beaucoup nights, will lift your mood and help you gain perspective on your life. However, consider visiting some locales known for wild flowers in the summer, or allow about planning a camping trip to the Lake District, If you are a bit of a nature addict yourself.

2. You get additional exercise
Camping is an active pastime, and whether you scull, hike or enjoy a ramble through the mise-en-scène, you ’re escalating your diurnal exercise ranks and so reaping a bunch of health benefits. Else diurnal exercise means a healthier heart, a fleetly metabolism and more springy joints and muscles. Multiple of us do n’t get enough diurnal movement because of the sedentary nature of our jobs, and let’s face it — going for an explore around a civil ground is a lot else fun than running on a lockstep.